Patient Education and Communication Through Touch MD™

At The Center for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, Dr. Robert Jensen values your time and believes in the importance of thorough communication and providing detailed information. Dr. Jensen has placed an innovative new system called TouchMD. Recently endorsed by the

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), this technology is changing the way patients interact with their doctors, turning any wait time you encounter in the exam room into an opportunity to learn more about your procedure and treatment from a detailed, interactive touch-screen computer program.

What TouchMD Does

Touch MD is a computer system designed to improve the communication between doctor and patient and better-educate patients on what they can expect. With touch-screen computer technology, TouchMD allows patients who are sitting in the exam room to view information on specific topics and procedures, enhancing their education. This also allows the patient a better understanding of the procedure so they can more effectively communicate their thoughts, questions, and goals with Dr. Jensen. Patients can view animated models that will show them the potential results of specific treatments.

The TouchMD technology helps Dr. Jensen in providing you with a clear understanding of many aspects of treatment, giving him the ability to use interactive and visual tools to aid in the communication and explanation of treatment options, risks and benefits, potential results, and other factors.

Being more educated on specific procedures and able to ask questions helps both you and Dr. Jensen, giving an enhanced comprehension of what to expect and providing Dr. Jensen with a tool to give to patients that makes educational use of any downtime they encounter while in our office.

How TouchMD Works

Patient Registration

Using TouchMD, we can capture your patient information prior to your visit. This information creates a profile of services, which you are interested in making it available through the Internet.

Practice Introduction

TouchMD is customized for our practice and highlights what we have to offer, using video and still images. This information allows you to become comfortable with Dr. Jensen and his staff.

Topics: Video Library

TouchMD uses video content from accredited sources to help patients understand procedures and treatments. TouchMD is continually updated as the industry advances.

Anatomy: Image Library

Dr. Jensen will draw on anatomy images with the touch of a finger to illustrate conditions, procedures or possible outcomes. These images can be saved for you to review online at home.

Before & After Gallery

A Before and After Gallery is available in an electronic format that can be discussed with you at the time of your consultation. Dr. Jensen will communicate possible outcomes from this gallery and illustrate how he achieved those desired results.

Patient Gallery

Consultation images and photos can be saved in the patient gallery for review by Dr. Jensen and yourself. You can also review your personal gallery to relive your consultation either online or from your smart phone.

Patient Consent

TouchMD explains pre- and post-operative care. It educates the patient giving a better understanding for their upcoming procedure.

Camera & Image Upload

Dr. Jensen can capture and upload images using a webcam, Eye-Fi, or with your smartphone using TouchMD Stat. Dr. Jensen can also import images from video imaging software.