Plastic Surgery Review by Shons and Jensen

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Plastic Surgery Review

Published by W. B. Saunders, this book is a comprehensive review, with over 62 chapters, covering all aspects of Plastic & Reconstructive surgery. It explores key issues like biology of tissue injury and repair, rhinoplasty, augmentation mammoplasty and facelift surgery.

When first published, the book sold out the first two printings.


“The book was more than helpful in preparing for the board examination, and I am expecting to receive my results soon. Other people to whom I spoke during the boards who have used your book felt the same way about it and were confident they passed the exam.”

Dr. M.S.B. MD
Atlanta, GA

“I am a General Surgeon based in India preparing for a Plastic Surgery residency. I have seen excerpts of your book “Plastic Surgery Review” and have found it an excellent tool for people who want to be Plastic Surgeons as the MCQ’s are typically made for the entrance exams… would you kindly help me in getting hold of a copy of the book either in eBook or in physical form? I would be extremely grateful as it would enhance my preparation for the exams.”

Thank you,

Dr. S A, MBBS MS (General Surgery)
Kolkata, India

4 in 1 Master Coder

The 4 in 1 Master Coder is published by the McGraw Hill company and is on it’s third edition. It has become a very popular coding book for Plastic Surgeons saving time and energy. Dr. Jensen has published three other similar books for the specialties of Otolarygology, General Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery.

4 in 1 Master Coder: Plastic &Reconstructive Surgery by Dr. Robert M. Jensen

4 in 1 Master Coder Books by Dr. Robert M. Jensen


“I am checking to see if you could help me locate the current version of this absolutely wonderful book?”

BayCare Clinic, Greenbay, WI